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    Серверы HP lh3000

    Intel╝ Pentium╝ III
    Processor speed
    1 GHz
    Number of processors
    up to 2
    Front Side Bus speed
    133 MHz
    Level 2 cache
    256 KB on-die write-back cache
    Standard memory
    128 MB
    Memory Max
    4 GB
    Memory upgrade
    Add HP recommended 133 MHz ECC SDRAM DIMM in any order to the base memory (4 slots available) to a maximum of 4 GB
    Memory Bus Speed
    133 MHz
    Hot-swap (HS) hard disks
    Disk array controller
    Integrated dual-channel HP NetRAID with I2O controller (uses the integrated dual Ultra2 SCSI controllers)
    SCSI Controller
    Embedded dual-channel Ultra2 SCSI controller + embedded Ultra SCSI controller
    Flexible disk
    3.5", 1.44 MB
    Optical Drive
    CD-ROM 32x Max EIDE
    Mouse or Pointing device
    HP 2-button mouse
    Not included
    HP Localised Keyboard
    Not included
    Video RAM
    2 MB
    Video adapter
    ATI 3D Rage IIC AGP
    External Video
    Resolution : 1600 x 1200 colors 8 bits, 76 Hz; 1024 ? 768 colors 16 bits, 100 Hz; 800 x 600 True color 24 bits, 120 Hz
    10/100TX embedded
    Supported O.S.
    Microsoft╝ Windows NT╝ 4.0, Windows╝ 2000; Novell NetWare 4.2, 5.0; Red Hat Linux; SCO OpenServer and UnixWare; IBM OS/2
    Tape device attachment
    Use the embedded Ultra SCSI controller
    4 front-accessible (half-height) shelves and 12 front-accessible hot-swap shelves
    Max internal data storage
    436 GB maximum hot-swap (12 x 36 GB low-profile drives) plus 2 x 36 GB common tray drives for maximum internal storage of 509 GB
    Accessory Slots
    8 total full-length PCI slots (6 x 64-bit slots and 2 x 32-bit slots; 4 hot-plug slots)
    Seven hot-swap fans standard; Two additional hot-swap fans with optional secondary fan tray; Active fan-speed control and failure sensing; Superior air-flow design
    I/O Ports
    1 25-pin parallel; 1 9-pin serial/RS-232; 1 RJ45 10/100TX; 2 Mini-DIN; 1 9-pin server management or second serial/RS-232; 1 15-pin video
    NetServer navigator
    Bootable CD with : HP NetServer Navigator; HP TopTools for Servers; HP OpenView ManageX Event Manager for NOS management; HP Remote Assistant
    Remote Administration
    Optional HP TopTools Remote Control Card
    Power Supply
    Auto-ranging 90-132 VAC or 180-264 VAC at 47-63 Hz
    3-year, next-business day, onsite limited warranty
    Option to use dual 133 MHz front side bus Intel Pentium╝ III processors.